Current exhibition

Closeout Sale


CI/CO regrets to inform you that this closeout sale will be going on through June OR until EVERYTHING has gone. Come and join us on SATURDAY, APRIL 20TH from 1-4PM as we open our doors to you. In this period of rapid gentrification, businesses like ours are being forced to liquidate and forfeit to Miami’s undercurrent of change. The option to adapt is not available and everything needs to be cleared out before we can move on. We encourage obvious and potential shoppers to take advantage of this very limited sale. Our merchandise, a selection of mono wearables in perfect branding, will go fast from the racks. Do not miss this opportunity to move in on our shop and take what you can.

Spring Schedule

Saturday, March 16; 6-9PM - Opening

Saturday, April 13; Midnight - Here, performance by Kunst and Angel

Saturday, April 20; 1-4PM - Sale

Saturday, May 18; TBD - Sale

Saturday, June 15; TBD - Closing


Past exhibitions

Seven Minutes in Nevaeh


Our seven minute, multi-sensory installation navigates ideas of access, experience, and intimacy in public/private life. The length of time in the space is taken from Seven Minutes In Heaven, a game that notoriously leaves two people in a closet to [technically] kiss and be left to their own devices. The works by Angel Garcia and GeoVanna Gonzalez use texture, the uncanny, and sensuality to allow one single audience member to be absorbed by the installation. The scent in the space, blended into a commercial diffuser on an awkward shelf with a dog muzzle and a bottle of lube, is pepper and vanilla--this black and white marriage mirroring the aesthetic thread in the works as well as bringing up experiences that are pungent VS palatable. The track uses a mix of R&B and binaural beats to create a meditative yet fervent auditory experience that also functions as the clock for the person’s time allotted in the space. A dirty security mirror is perched in a corner of the space, reminding the audience member that, although they are alone in this moment, we are always subject to monitorization. This leans into the white cube mentality of showing artwork and how institutions curate an audience’s agency to strip them of a completely personal experience. Using Art Basel 2019 to bring up these conversations begs one to consider the time they are spending with works of art, what exactly they have access to during the fair, and what exactly this over-stimulation is taking away from them.

Miami Art Week Schedule

Wednesday, December 5th; 10am-12pm - Raffle for access to Seven Minutes in Nevaeh

Thursday, December 6th; 6-8pm - Kissing Oracles

Saturday, December 8th; 8-10pm - VIP Party

Times of Operation - Open on the 7th and 21st day of every month

Upcoming Event - April 20,


CI/CO is a kiosk that explores the concepts of chance and oracles to develop experimental exhibits that use performance and visual art to explore luck, voyeurism, intimacy, and expectation. CI/CO will serve as a space of transaction and projection where the audience has the opportunity to interact with the work directly and push the boundary of what they typically expect from a gallery. The themes explored will be centered around the correlation between gambling and mysticism, expectation and desire. CI/CO anticipates creating an environment that elevates the audience’s understanding of how a unique space can operate and leaves them feeling as if they’ve experienced something enigmatic yet personal.

This space is run and operated by Angel Garcia and GeoVanna Gonzalez at the 777 Mall located at 145 E Flagler St, #103 in association with Mana Contemporary.

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